BATTLE GROUND -- William Biscoe and his wife were startled out of bed Monday morning by what they thought was a dog in their house.

The dog turned out to be a coyote that had chased their cat into their home, located in a heavily forested area on Berlin Road.

Raw video: Homeowner describes coyote, cat chase

Biscoe usually keeps the gate closed on a high fence that surrounds his backyard. He had opened it while pressure-washing his deck, and neglected to close it.

The cat ran in the cat door, and the coyote was hot on its trail, Biscoe said. And needless to say, once the coyote got in the house, it was scared, real scared . . . made a whole lot of ruckus.

The coyote was literally scared peeless and poopless, Biscoe added, as it ran around, until coming to a stop between two kitchen counters.

Biscoe got help, piling up furniture so that the coyote had only one route out an open door. He was coaxed out of the spot with two-by-four boards. It ran right out the door and jumped the tall backyard fence.

Biscoe said he was not at all surprised to see the coyote. He has photos of a bobcat and many coyotes. He said raccoons and woodpeckers also wander into the backyard when he's having a cocktail.

They're not invading us, he said of the wildlife. We invaded them. We're in their land.

The cat (pictured) was not injured.

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