PORTLAND, Ore. -- Two years after a mother threw her two children off the Sellwood Bridge, the brave little girl who survived returned to the river to honor the brother she lost.

On Monday, 9-year-old Trinity Smith and her dad set out on the rescue boat that bears the children's name, Eldon & Trinity.

They went to the very spot where, two years ago, Trinity s mother Amanda Stott-Smith threw the children from the Sellwood Bridge.

There Trinity dropped flowers into the Willamette River, along with a note to her little brother Eldon.

I just said to him that I miss him so much and I love him and... you know... that he was the best thing to ever happen to me, said Trinity.

That's why we're here today is just to honor both the children... we're just blessed to have Trinity and to be able to raise her and move on, added her father Jason Smith.

Smith says his daughter has come a long way in the past two years. He says she's doing great in school, loves sports, andhas developed a deep passion for animals. But he adds, she still talks about her little brother every day.

Trinity's mom, Amanda Stott-Smith is currently serving a life sentence.

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