PORTLAND -- Police chief Mike Reese wants gang members, community leaders and police to sit down for a summit. He also wants a cease fire to the growing gunfire and the mayor hopes that a curfew will curb the violence.

All this after yet another weekend of gang violence that left three people with gunshot wounds.

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Newly enacted gun policies within city limits include a strict curfew designed to keep teenagers off the streets after 10 p.m. The curfew is even earlier for minors who have a criminal history with guns - they have to be inside by 7 p.m.

Mayor Sam Adams said these gun ordinances should give police more tools to investigate potential gang activity.

If they see a juvenile that's out past curfew . . . they can stop and inquire, 'why are you out?' Adams explained.

The new gun laws also exclude gun-related convicts from certain parts of town and increase punishment for those who commit crimes with a gun or fail to report a gun theft.

It is a core group of gang members that are responsible for these shootings, Reese told KGW, but they live all over the metro area.

The police chief added that the current spate of shooting pales in comparison to the level of violence a decade or more ago, but shootings have been increasing in recent weeks and spreading out.

Saturday evening, gunfire broke out in Raymond Park in outer Southeast Portland.

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I'm not giving up this park, not going to happen, a mom at the park told KGW. We've got kids, we've got animals, we've got a little splashy thing over there, and oh no we're not going to give it up.

In the last two months, police have also reported gang-related shootings in Hillsboro, McMinnville, Salem and Vancouver.

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