PORTLAND -- It's pilot season in Hollywood, when production ramps up on TV's shows we could see this fall.

One pilot that could make the cut is Grimm being filmed right now in Portland. It's a tale that local filmmakers hope will bring more business to Portland's growing film industry.

On a quiet street in Southwest Portland filming continues on the NBC pilot Grimm , a cop drama. For Portland's film community, the hope is it will have a fairy tale ending.

In February Grimm got the green light to produce a pilot.

Each week it will be a case inspired by the Grimm fairy tales, said co-executive producer Sean Hayes, best known for his Emmy-winning performance as Jack McFarland on Will and Grace.

We're excited to be in Portland Oregon, not Oregone. It was written to take place here. Also I'd never been here,and I was very excited to explore and I'm very happy with the results, said Hayes.

The crew is mostly made up of local people.

I'd say 90 percent of the 110 or so folks that we've hired are locals, noted producer Steve Oster.

Oster is happy to be working in his own backyard. He's the former head of the Oregon Film Board. He knows the value of keeping and bringing more productions here.

Incentives are a big piece of that, he said.

It's why the Oregon Film Board is asking the legislature to approve more incentives.

Gimm has a budget of some $7 million.

We're looking to spend somewhere around $4 million locally during the time that we're here, Oster said.

It creates a ripple effect at area hotels, restaurants and even a hardware store.

Steve Besaw, owner of 52nd Avenue Hardware is now a movie and TV veteran. He supplied building materials for the movie 'Twilight' several years ago. Since then he's been involved with several films and TV shows. Folders from different production line is office.

When these guys come into town they buy lots of building materials, said Besaw.

With out the film business he might not be in business today.

Thank God they're here, otherwise I don't know what I'd be doing, Besaw said.

When the cameras roll, it creates other opportunities.

Gretchen Miller runs Hive FX a special visual effects company in Southeast Portland.

We can do just as good if not better than LA based companies, she said.

Just one pilot that could lead to a series.

Filming will wrap on April 5th. NBC will make a decision if it will become a series by May 16th.

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