A Vancouver church youth group leader accused of sexually abusing the very children he was entrusted to mentor appeared in court Tuesday.

Families of two boys claim 25-year-old Jason Wolk repeatedly sexually abused them on church outings. Investigators with the Washington Children's Justice Center said Wolk molested two teenage boys from the youth group he was in charge of last November.

The two cousins were just 15 and 16 at the time.

Jason was like part of the family, relative Bonnie Trump said. He would come over, buy kids gifts, was there for holidays.

Court documents showed one of the boys started meeting with Wolk every day last year to get help with his Christian Life Walk. But during those meetings, records say, Wolk started touching the boy inappropriately.

Both boys also allege Wolk abused them during a church camping trip, something the church denies.

We are saddened by the recent events, and are reaching out to those involved. I want to clarify that Jason was never on staff at the church, and the alleged behaviors did not happen during church events or on church property, a statement from the church read. We immediately contacted the proper authorities and are in full cooperation with them. The boys have both applied for year-long restraining order against Wolk.

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