FAIRVIEW, Ore. -- On a sunny winter day at Fairview Elementary School, the playground is bursting with energy. Inside, the creative energy is just as strong.

You get to learn new things every day, says fifth grader Brenda. It s very crafty.

Brenda is talking about the Fairview Knitting Club, where everyone is welcome and there is seldom an empty chair.

School Counselor Tami Pemberton came up with the idea as a way to give students a comfortable place to talk.

It s really conducive to kids sharing what s going on in their lives and at home, says Tami. It is really a great setting for that.

Each day dozens of third, fourth and fifth graders spend part of their lunch period creating crafts with the donated needles and yarn.

When Tami recently suggested they could make hats to help babies around the world, the kids couldn t wait.

I let the kids know about Caps for Good , a program through Save the Children, explained Tami. I told them how important a baby hat is in countries that don t have heat, how it will save lives, and they took off from there.

In no time, the students made 124 caps that will soon be sent to babies in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

I made about twenty, a delighted Adriana tells us as she holds up a handful of lavender and white caps. I made this one and this one and this one!

While making the hats will certainly help babies in other countries, it also helps the students feel great about themselves. So joyful, so generous, is how fourth grader Joseline described it.

Tami says it s an important lesson for the children. They are so proud of these hats and they talk about them, about how they were able to do something to help someone else.

A really big lesson, from such a tiny little cap.

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