WEST LINN, Ore. A brazen burglar asked police for a ride Tuesday morning after breaking into a home and car and stealing several duffel bags full of loot, investigators said.

Zannish Schmeka Frazier, 28, called police just after 7 a.m. and said she was cold, wet, scared and stranded at Sunset Park. She asked for a ride to the closest transit center so she could take the bus to her mother's home.

When police arrived to help, they realized that Frazier was wanted for a probation violation and theft charge. They also noticed that she had several large duffle bags with her.

Frazier was taken into custody and the duffel bags were seized.

Later that night, a West Linn homeowner reported a break-in and her list of stolen items included a unique duffel bag that matched one of the bags seized from Frazier.

Police also learned of a car that had been broken into near the home where several items were stolen including another unique duffel bag. This too, matched one of Frazier s bags.

When police searched inside the bags, they found even more stolen items, investigators said.

This case was brought to a rapid conclusion thanks to a lucky circumstance, and good police work Police Chief Terry Timeus said. It was helped by both victims giving very detailed descriptions of the items they were missing.

In addition to the probation violation warrant, Frazier was eventually charged with burglary, unlawful entry to a motor vehicle and theft.

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