CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Hundreds turned out in the rain and cold Tuesday evening to support the Islamic community in Corvallis.

It sends a message that we're a family inhumanity, saidYosof Wanly.

Wanly is the Imam at the Salman Alfarisi IslamicCenter in Corvallis. It was fire-bombed early Sunday morning. Federal agents said somebody broke a window and tossed aflammable liquid inside,burning 80% ofan office.

It's really frustrating and shocking, said templeworshiper MothanaAlzabidi.

On Tuesday evening people from all faithsshowed upat a candlelight vigil to denounce the attack on the temple.

This isn't the kind of thing we want in Corvallis, said Linda Johansen. We want people to know it's not acceptable to respond that way to feelings.

Johansen and hundreds of others were also standing up against the foiled bombing at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, not to mention theman behind the alleged plot, 19-year-old MohamedOsman Mohamud. Temple leaders said he occasionally attended the Corvallis mosque.

He does not represent the Islamic faith, said Wanly.

And perhaps that was not anymore evident than when everybody circled the mosque in a show of solidarity. Their message - violence will not be tolerated.

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