PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Oregon Tea Party pulled its Facebook page after it was hacked by a group they think was angry about a slogan used.

A Tea Party spokesperson said early Monday morning they noticed increased levels of trolling and other harassing activities.

They determined someone had hacked into their website and Facebook page, posting what they called erratic, racist and profane comments and images.

Someone also obtained personal information of members and hacked email and website passwords, they said. The group said over a year ago they had used the slogan we are anonymous for an event. But they said they did not realize at the time the group Anonymous was an Internet message board popular with hackers and social engineers.

Oregon Tea Party officials soon locked down their site and warned members not to trust Facebook fan pages and change passwords.

They [Anonymous] want us to get angry and say things they can use against us, the activists warned. We may want to lash out against their writing, but it will only give them what they want.

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