PORTLAND, Ore. -- A source tells NewsChannel 8 Terri Moulton-Horman, Kyron's step-mom, was in Portland Sunday but returned to her parents' house in Roseburg.

She moved out of the former family home Friday after Kaine Horman requested her eviction as part of a restraining order.

Police experts tell us her living arrangement will neither harm the investigation nor speed things up.

Meanwhile, back in his Northwest Portland home for a day, Kyron's dad Kaine tells KGW he's preparing the missing seven-year-old's bedroom for an eventual return. Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary on June 4.

By getting Kyron's room adjusted for all of the wall of hope notes and items, I think he will be really overwhelmed by everything that everyone has done for him, Kaine Horman said via electronic communication.

I really feel sorry for him, said retired homicide investigator C.W. Jensen.

Jensen said Kaine is coping admirably.

And though sources tell KGW thatKaine's estranged wife - Kyron's step-mom, Terri - is now living with her parents in Roseburg, Jensen believes this will not be an obstacle to solving the case.

Terri is not talking to the investigators so, Medford, Molalla, Minnesota -- right now it doesn't really matter because they're not talking to her anyway, he said. It's more of a hassle for her because she's got to come up to Portland or her attorney has got to go down there.

Jensen was a Portland Police homicide investigator for six years.

He says he understands the public's desire to see a high-profile case like this solved quickly.

People seem to be frustrated that the police haven't gone as fast as lay people would like right now, but, Jensen says, this is the type of case where methodical fact-checking is crucial.

They don't have to hurry. They can have all their ducks in a row when they move forward. So, as an investigator, that's a good thing.

Moving forward in this case, he says, likely means Terri Horman's eventual arrest, though, at this time, she is not technically a suspect.

Terri Horman has two lawyers in Portland now.

Stephen Houze is her attorney in the Kyron case. Attorney Peter Bunch is handling her divorce with Kaine.

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