PORTLAND, Ore. --Terri Horman has moved out of the family home in Northwest Portland, according to a reliable source.

A car loaded with Terri Horman s belongings zipped from the wooded drive just before 6 p.m. Friday evening. In the back seat were a small stack of boxes.

On Friday, Kaine Horman and his estranged wife came to an agreement for Terri to move out of the former family home in NWPortland by 3 p.m. Saturday, but a source tells KGW Teri Horman has already moved out and has returned to Roseburg, where she attended high school and where her parents still live.

As Terri's belongings were taken from the Horman home, Kyron's mother and father were visiting the 'wall of hope' at Skyline school.

They believe Kyron is alive, and they want his room filled with well wishes when he returns.

We've come back several times to get bags full of cards and stuffed animals and all kinds of stuff, said Desiree Young.

We want everyone to know that we've been coming up here quite regularly to pick things up and make sure they're going to get to Kyron when he comes home, said Kaine Horman.

With Terri Horman gone, Kaine said he intends to re-key the locks, change the gate code, and possibly replace certain doors and add additional locks.

Former Sheriff's Captain, Bruce McCain believes investigators will also take a very close look around searching for information about Kyron.

It could be anything from cell phones, it could be notes, garbage cans. They'll be going through the trash, said McCain.

Terri, who was seen leaving her attorney's office Friday, has yet to comment on the case since becoming a focus of the investigation.

Though in the world of public opinion many consider her guilty, she remains uncharged and free to move wherever she wants.

Out of town, out of state even because she's under no compulsion to stay in Oregon. She's not under arrest, she's not under probation, she's free to go wherever she wants, said McCain.

Kaine was told by police last month that Terri had tried to hire a man to kill him, according to a restraining order filed by Kaine. More:Murder-for-hire-plot

Kaine also recently filed papers to have Terri held in contempt of court and accused her of violating a sealed restraining order. That court motion also detailed an alleged sexual affair with one of Kaine's high school classmates, and a reported attempt to abduct the couple's young daughter Kiara.

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KGWReportersKyle Iboshi and Scott Burton contributed to this report

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