PORTLAND -- The step-mother of missing seven-year-old Kyron Horman talked about 'abducting' her daughter from a local health club while her estranged husband was working out, according to a gym employee quoted in court papers.

A clerk at a gym frequented by Terri and Kaine Horman told police that Terri came there on or about June 28 and was looking to 'abduct' her daughter, Kiara from the gym daycare center, according to the court affidavit.

Kaine and the couple's 19-month-old daughter, Kiara, were not at the gym at the time, so Terri asked the clerk to contact her if Kaine arrived there with Kiara in the future, according to the affidavit, while was filed as part of a contempt of court proceeding Monday.

The clerk told the gym manager what happened and the manager then contacted police.

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Gym owner warns police of visit

On Tuesday, gym owner Bob Briede told KGW he was glad he called police.

Her behavior was definitely suspicious and I felt that it justified making a phone call to the authorities, said Briede, who owns Xtreme Edge Gym in Beaverton.

Obviously with one child going missing and a parent acting strange...we felt that somebody needed to know about that in case there was something there, you know, said Briede. I sure wouldn't want two children to go missing.

I definitely feel relieved, said Briede. I couldn't have gone home that night and gone toThe way everything rolled out, it obviously was the good thing to do.

Visit preceded restraining order

Shortly after the incident Kaine Horman obtained a restraining order to block Terri from any contact with Kiara or himself.

Kaine also left the home that the couple shared in Northwest Portland and lived in a temporary residence with Kiara until Terri agreed to move out on Monday, under pressure of the court.

The contempt of court documents were filed Monday after Kaine accused Terri of violating the restraining order against her. In addition to the gym accusations, the affidavit alleged that Terri illegally shared the sealed document with Michael Cook. The filing stated that Cook took a cell phone photo of Kaine's new address and mapped it online. The filing also said police found hundreds of text messages between Cook and Horman, and sexually explicit texts and photos of Terri on Cook's phone.

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Kyron has been missing since Terri brought him to school on June 4. Police have not named her as a suspect or a person of interest in the case, although much of the investigation has focused on her.

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