TROUTDALE, Ore. -- It's a package that took almost two years to deliver. But, now the new FedEx Ground facility in Troutdale is getting ready to ship and receive. And when it opens next month, it means a big haul when it comes to jobs.

Everything we do, providing our service at Fed ex is about moving packages, said Ryan Fleck, FedEx safety director.

Moving day is near, but, before anything gets shipped, it will mean hiring 243 part-time handlers to stand and deliver.

FedEx held a job fair at it's new facility in Troutdale on Friday. It was an information session for those looking for work.

Mike Davis is a student looking for work to help pay the bills and to support his family.

I'm dedicated, and a I'm also a team player, he said.

Davis planned to attend an open house to check out the new facility and hopefully land a job.

It took nearly two years to build the $100 million, 514,000 square foot hub. It's seven times larger than the current Swan Island location. It sits on 77 acres, former home of the Alcoa Aluminum site.

The new facility opens August 6. Senior hub manager Robert Brigham said the entry level jobs are very physical and requires people who are willing to work hard.

The ideal employee is somebody with a good work ethic, be able to report to work on time, and work safely he said.

The hourly jobs start at $9.65 to $10.15 and come with benefits.

After 1,000 hours of work you're eligible for medical, dental and vision, said Tony Gonzales, recruiting specialist for Fed Ex Ground.

After 60 days of employment workers are eligible for $1,500 per calendar year in college reimbursement expenses.

When the facility opens in August it will take some 600 employees and another 200 contract truck drivers to keep packages moving. And that's just the beginning.

To find out more about jobs at FedEx you can call their jobline at 503-484-1229.

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