PORTLAND -- With the mounting costs of baggage fees, packing light has never been more important.

Checking a bag can cost anywhere from $15 to $25 each way. Also, any bag over 50 pounds usually costs an extra $50.

Packing expert, Marcia Miller, told KGW packing too much stuff is not only expensive but stressful.

You're trying to keep track of a bag that's in your hand and a bag that's under your arm and a bag that's on your back and two bags that are rolling and the kids' bags and the kids. Something's gotta give, said Miller.

So how do you determine what's absolutely essential to take on your next trip?

Miller recommends that you begin with your itinerary.

Consider each and every the event including walks and trips to museums and then pack the appropriate attire.

Miller told KGW a safe bet is to take versatile shoes and no more than two pair plus a pair of sandals.

Also Miller insists that every single thing has to match -up to at least two other things you plan to pack.

If you won't wear it twice don't bring it, said Miller.

Finally, Miller says to leave space in your suitcase just in case you see something you see on your trip you would like to purchase. That way you have enough space to bring it home with you.


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