CANBY, Ore. -- A probe into police use of steroids has stretched into Portland and beyond, according to a new report.

Canby's police Chief Greg Kroeplin resigned last year amid a probe into allegations that he failed to investigate an officer's alleged steroid abuse.

The Oregonian reported Monday that Washington County narcotics dog handler Jared Gochenour and West Linn Officer Jess Riley also resigned and that a Portland officer was now under federal investigation.

Canby Officer Jason D. Deason, 38, was indicted on charges of official misconduct and possession of a controlled substance and resigned in July 2008.

Portland police Sgt. Charles Brown,who lives in Canby, was also under investigation, the Oregonian reported, but the FBI would not talk about the ongoing case.

One of Deason s suspected suppliers, was arrested in February. William J. Traverso, 38, was charged with theft, possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance.

FBI agents say Traverso acknowledged selling steroids and human growth hormone to Deason. Traverso gave agents an April 30, 2002, order from Deason for steroids, written on Canby police stationary, according to affidavits.

Two other men are in federal custody accused of selling stolen firearms to Traverso.

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