PORTLAND The city of Portland launched a brand new Web site to try and attract Google to test its new, super-fast Internet system here.

The new site is called PDX hearts Google and includes statistics that show why the city would be the ideal place to test the system and also included the city s official application to Google. Specifically, it outlines the community support, media and metrics that exist in the Rose City, while also answering the question:Why Portland?

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No city in the U.S. is as ready as Portland to launch a citywide or scaled testbed for ultra high speed open platform broadband, a statement on the Web site explained. Portland has the history, broad community support, willing businesses, committed local government, and cost-effective, year-round construction metrics. We are poised to take immediate steps to collaborate with Google s visionary ultra high-speed broadband project on any agreeable scale from 50,000 to 500,000.

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