DALLAS, Ore. -- Do you think you could do it? A couple in Dallas, Oregon is trying to live "trash free" for an entire year.

They're going green by attempting to use no more than a grocery store bag worth of trash for 365 days.

"I think it's easier than we thought it would be, actually. It really, really is," said Amy Korst.

From a small compost bin under the sink and a larger one in the back yard next to an extensive vegetable garden to more than a half dozen different recycling bins, they have done their homework.

"We have our normal curbside recycling; anything that we can take out to the curb goes in this bag," said Amy Korst as she walked through the kitchen.

It's been four "trash free" weeks. So far, so good.

"In four weeks, this is the garbage we have produced for the landfill," she said as she opened up a shoebox.

The box only had eight items inside. Among them, some pet flea medicine, two pieces of tape and a squeaky toy run over by the lawn mower.

The project has not been without a few challenges.

"We go to a coffee house and get a mocha, right? Well, before you can do that, you've got to see what type pf plastic cup they use or bring your own cup or just make sure it's recyclable. It has presented a few issues but you work through all of them,' said Adam Korst.

The couple is doing what they call taking 'baby steps.'

They are still using their cars which they realize is a pollutant, but when a trip is made via car to Washington to visit relatives, they always make a trip to Portland to a recycling center on the way.

"We're thinking 'hey, were going that way, so lets drop it off on the way or its how can we combine things as much as we can?'" said Adam.

The Korst's say anybody can live trash free, the key is to do extensive research, before buying anything.

"Research what's recyclable in your local facility and then go to the grocery store and make sure that you're only buying products that are recyclable," said Amy.

Adam added, "We think were doing something good and it feels good for us to do it."

The couple is blogging weekly about their project at

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