Portland urban farm

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A group of Portland farmers is changing the way we think about our food one plot at a time.

The group is called the "Urban Farm Collective."

It formed just a few months ago but is growing fast.

The group's mission is to help build communities by building neighborhood gardens. It was the brainchild of Janette Kaden, who started the project to help grow local food for her restaurant the Tin Shed.

But the project took off. Now the more than 30 volunteers tend to nearly two-dozen "urban farms" across Portland. In addition to producing food, the project also works with children teaching them a new set of skills.

"How can we gather community and teach people how to grow their own their food because as things are changing, as the economy is changing, as climate is changing it's becoming more obvious it's really more sustainable to grow your own food," said Lily Haboush, Outreach and Education Coordinator with Urban Farm Collective.

It's an idea that's definitely caught on, evident by the sold-out seed shelves at area nurseries. Gardening has become so popular many of the nurseries in the area can barely keep up with their stock.

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