PORTLAND -- An undercover video allegedly shot at a Portland Planned Parenthood shows a person from the anti-abortion group Live Action posing as a 15-year old with a lot of questions. The Planned Parenthood worker gives the girl explicit sexual advice, usually reserved for adults.

The worker tells the girl about bondage, fetishes and sexual positions. Critics say it is inappropriate for a nonprofit organization receiving millions of dollars of funding from the government to talk explicitly about sex to a child.

Gloria Bernard was protesting outside the Portland Planned Parenthood location today.

The counseling is not what we would want young teenagers to hear, she said.

In the video, the Planned Parenthood worker tells the teen about kinky sex.

Then there is kink that can be, um... you tie each other up when either he likes being tied-up or he wants to tie you up, bondage type things.

The anti-abortion group Live Action has also made similar videos at Planned Parenthoods in Colorado and Indiana. This one was reportedly made at the Clackamas Center in Portland.

Young people need to be taught chastity and not how to go about and do some of the pornographic things, said protester Ramona Raffaell.

KGW went to the administrative offices of Planned Parenthood to get a response, and no one would talk to us on camera. We also went to the location where the video was made, at Clackamas Center.

That location is closed and will not reopen.

Planned Parenthood did sent us a written statement saying, A group opposed to our mission and services has a history of pretending to be patients and secretly recording visits with staff and then using highly edited versions of these videos to create a false impression of our services, mission and values.

But they did not deny the worker gave the explicit sex advice, including: When people get tied-up sometimes they like scarves, something easy to do, or rope. Some people go to more extremes and use actual handcuffs.

If they re telling them to just go ahead and have sex and to do it anyway with anybody, I just don t think that s right, said Therese Ruesink, who was also protesting outside Planned Parenthood in Portland today.

She said advice like, Some people like to be spanked, hit or whipped, is simply not appropriate for an adult worker at a non-profit organization to tell a young child.

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