VANCOUVER -- Siobhan Gill and Ben Sturgis were two of the many customers who legally bought marijuana in Vancouver Wednesday and then took it home to enjoy it.

Mmm mmm, legal weed. That makes me feel so good to say that, Gill said after she took her first hit off the bong from her couch.

Vancouver's first pot shop opened with a big celebration Wednesday, including a ribbon cutting from the mayor, live band a long lines of customers. The owner of Main Street Marijuana was excited to be a part of history and customers were thrilled to enjoy their weed out in the open.

According to the law, pot smokers are supposed to keep their weed in Washington, even if they live in Oregon.

Portland police were spreading the word Wednesday that possession of less than an ounce is a violation similar to a traffic ticket. And officers in both states agreed that they ll be watching especially closely for high drivers.

Anyone caught driving under the influence of marijuana will get arrested, just like drunk drivers, police warned. Even reader boards along the interstate were reminding people of that very point.

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