OLYMPIA, Wash. -- After 18 months of work, Washington's Liquor Control Board released the names of 25 retail pot shops Monday, most of which expect to open this week.

On Tuesday, those 21 and over will be allowed to buy recreational marijuana for the first time from those licensed shops. More licenses should be announced over time.

Those that are ready to open are not sure if there is supply to handle the immediate demand.

It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to be closed come Sunday night for a couple weeks until we can replenish, said Chad Champagne, who owns 420 Carpenter which opens Friday.

Champagne, who won two retail marijuana licenses, called the process long and everchanging, but said he expected it to be hard.

It seemed l ike as soon as you cleared one hurdle, there were three more you had after that, he said.

Liquor Control Board Director RickGarza said Monday any delays came from the applicants themselves, not his office.

Sure, people can be critical, said Garza, One of the things to keep in mind is, there's no blueprint here. There is no one that has done this before.

A team of 18 is processing the volumes of marijuana selling and growing applications. Garza said between 10 and 15 could be approved every week.

And as for the percieved lack of supply, Garza strongly disagreed.

Remember that for 19 months, it's been legal for people to possess an ounce or less of marijuana, he said, Where do yo think they're getting that marijuana?

I don't think there's a lack of supply in Washington state.

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