PORTLAND After three cougar sightings in Hillsboro last week, people in east Portland and Gresham have reported four more. And one pet cat was likely killed by a cougar, police said.

Margaret Bell lives near Southeast 167th Avenue and Main Street said she couldn't find her 10-year-old cat Pepper over the weekend. Her neighbor discovered the cat s body Monday morning in her yard.

Two cougar sightings were reported in that general area on Sunday and police suspect that a cougar killed the 18-pound cat.

I had no thoughts about a cougar coming in my direction, Bell said. I know they've had sightings, but at the same time you just don't think about it. We let the cats in and out and he just didn't come back.

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People in the area quickly took notice when they learned a cougar might have killed a neighbor s pet.

Police then confirmed another sighting south of the area at about 2 a.m. Wednesday, near Northeast 148th Avenue and Sacramento Street.

Neighbor Sallie LaValley said she's taking extra precautions.

Keeping your small pets in at night and early evening, certainly children you don t let go out without supervision, she said. And you don t let your dogs roam and you keep your chickens in a fenced area.

Wildlife officials said if you happen to come across a cougar, don't approach it but call 911. Stay calm and try to appear larger, by raising your hands above your head.

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