PORTLAND --Devyn Champagne, who lives in Northeast Portland, lost her husband Eric unexpectedly on his 35th birthday last April. Ever since, she has worn their wedding bands on a chain around her neck.

[We were] best friends, soulmates, everything. I mean, he was my life, she said.

But on Monday, police said a burglar used a crowbar and pried open Champagne'slocked bedroom window.

Her late husband's belongings, which were usually kept in a box in her closet, were scattered all over her room.

Multiple items, including both wedding bands, were stolen.

Police said a burglar wearing gloves pried open a locked bedroom window. The suspect made it as far as the bedroom before Champagne's 175-pound Saint Bernard likely scared him off.

Her iPad was also stolen, but Champagne says she only wants one thing back.

I don't even care about my ring, honestly. I would love to get my ring back but I just want his. I'd do anything to get it back, she said.

Champagne set up an email for tips on where the rings might be. Anyone with information about the theft can click here to contact her.

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