VANCOUVER -- Police are hoping a blurry image of a man with a Mohawk will help them figure out who beat a 64-year-old man with a skateboard in a popular Vancouver park Monday night.

It's very unsettling, said Michael Mann of Vancouver. A lot of older people out here are friends of mine.

Investigators said the victim was first approached by a woman who asked him for money in Esther Short Park just before 9 p.m.

He replied that he did not have any money and the female made an ethnic slur and struck him in the head with a skateboard. As the victim was calling 911, an unknown male approached and began punching the victim in the face and head, said Kim Kapp, Vancouver Police Department.

A surveillance camera in the area captured images of the male suspect. He was wearing black shorts with a dark shirt that was open in the front and a white or lighter T-shirt underneath.

He also had a very distinctive Mohawk haircut and a baseball cap that fell off during the scuffle, according to Kapp.

The female suspect was wearing a gray sweatshirt or hoodie, glasses and shorts.

The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment. His identity was not released.

It worries me as I get older all the time, said Ray Smith of Vancouver. No matter where you go you're vulnerable.

Anyone with information on the identity of either suspect was urged to call the Vancouver Police Tip Line at (360) 487-7399.

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