PORTLAND A man broke into an adult modeling business Tuesday morning, scared two female workers and trashed the place before he ended up on the roof of the building, police said.

Officers and firefighters had to get him down to take him into custody.

Employees at Pussycats, on West Burnside and 2nd Avenue, say the man broke in and eventually smashed through the ceiling. Police said he ended up between the ceiling and roof, doing damage all along the way.

We could hear him tearing things apart inside. Once a K-9 got here, we were able to make entry, said Portland police Sgt. Rob Slyter.

The man, whom police later identified as 57-year-old Ronald Gamboa, then broke through the roof, climbed down a billboard, and ended up on the lower roof of Dante s Nightclub.

Police worked to get Gamboa calmed down so they could take him into custody safely.

It was really to try and convince him to come down from where he was at emotionally, and they kept repeating, Don t hurt yourself. There s no sense in throwing yourself away, said Bill Palo, who saw the event unfold.

Eventually officers and firefighters used a truck equipped with a ladder and bucket to retrieve Gamboa from the roof and arrest him.

If we can avoid having to use force on him, keep our officers safe, the public safe and the subject safe, that s our win-win situation, said Slyter.

Gamboa was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on burglary and criminal mischief charges. He also had a parole violation.

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