GRESHAM, Ore -- Marilyn Sheets and her husband say they live a rather quiet life. That changed with a knock on the door last month.

A young man was on the couple'sporch.

Really nice, dressed nice, wasn't pushy, said Sheets.

Sheets said he identified himself as a player on the Mt. Hood Community College indoor soccer team. He was fundraising for a team trip to Germany. Sheets gave him $12, only to see him return just a few weeks later.

I said how did you do and he said, 'We did great ... we took the championships.'

The man also had good news for Sheets. He said she had won a flat screen television just by making that $12 donation. To get the television, all she had to do is pay the shipping fee.

What is the fee, [I asked,] and he says, '$36.99,' and I thought this can't be a scam, she said.

Sheets called up the college anyway. Only then did she learn there is no indoor soccer team. She had been scammed.

It seems to be 55+ communities, elderly individuals, said Cherilyn Nederhiser, lead public safety officer at Mt. Hood Community College.

Nederhiser said Sheets is one of the lucky ones. She is only out $49. Others have been taken for anywhere between $100 and $200.

It's very unusual, said Nederhiser. We don't know how many victims are out there.

It does not matter to Sheets. She says one victim is one too many. She wants police to capture the bad guy.

His parents obviously did well raising him and now look at what he's doing with his life, said Sheets. Nothing.

If you have any information about this case you are urged to call either the college or the Gresham Police Department.

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