PORTLAND -- A tradition started back in the mid 1940s is now alive once again in Portland.

Local Farmers Delivery is a throw-back to when, bright and early, the milkman delivered milk and other staples right to your door.

Scott McDonald from Portland is bringing back a piece of history. It's an idea he's already had success with in Australia.

There, he built the business up to 300,000 customers. He hopes to repeat it in Portland.

It's dairy to the door in 24.

I grew up in Portland, I thought if I could do this in other countries, I could sure do it in my hometown, said McDonald.

Free deliveries are made starting at 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

On board the refrigerated truck are all local products. Alpenrose milk, Franz Bakery goods and Portland Roasting coffee.

McDonald says his prices are the same as in the grocery store and in some cases, even lower.

Some products, we're a dollar cheaper, he said.

So far, 150 customers are signed up, mostly in Southeast Portland and the Moreland area.

For more information, call 1-844-THE-MILKMAN or click here.

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