The Portland Water Bureau lifted a city-wide 'boil water alert' Saturday. After the incident, the water bureau released answers to frequently asked questions.

What should customers do?

Customers should flush all taps for 2 minutes or until the water runs cold before consuming for the first time. This will flush any potentially contaminated water from the plumbing.

What should I do with ice, food or beverages made during the boil water notice?

All ice and beverages made with non boiled water on or after May 20, 2014 should be discarded. Any food made with water on or after May 20, 2014 that is not thoroughly cooked above 165 degrees should also be discarded. Food that is cooked (boiled, grilled or baked) at a temperature above 165 degrees is safe to consume.

Should I replace my home water filter after the event?

This incident should not have impacted your water filter. Filters should be changed according to the regular schedule recommended by the manufacturer. It is a general health precaution to regularly change filters as old filters can diminish water quality.

Do I need to flush or adjust the temperature of my hot water heater?

A bath or shower would be sufficient to flush any potential bacteria from the hot water heater. The Portland Water Bureau recommends that hot water heaters be set above 120 degrees. To reduce the risk of lead and copper exposure through household plumbing and fixtures, customers should never cook with or drink from the hot water tap.

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