PORTLAND, Ore. An art gallery in Sellwood is named after love, but they hate what thieves are doing to some of their artwork.

Since it opened five years ago, Love Art! has always had a front yard full of lawn art, and never had a problem with theft.

But the gallery at Southeast 13th Avenue and Southeast Spokane Street has been hit twice this year. The most recent time was this week; when thieves took heavy cement benches and stepping stones that feature embedded glass mosaics.

They obviously liked my things but to steal it -- I have no time for thieves, it really makes me mad. I want them to be caught just so they don t do it again, said artist Carla Stevens.

Gallery co-owner Ted Newton says everyone involved is hurt by the theft. He has a message for whoever has taken roughly $4,000 dollars in artwork.

I would tell them that I don t know how they sleep at night and they better check up on karma because I think to do something like this is just reprehensible, said Newton.

Most of the lighter yard art is taken in at night, but the larger or heavier pieces have not been. Many are chained and locked in place.

In previous theft in January, thieves took metal pieces of artwork from the front of the gallery.

Anyone with information about the stolen artwork was asked to call Portland police.

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