WEST LINN, Ore. -- A West Linn soldier asked for the public s help Thursday, after someone stole a book containing all of his military records and awards.

The three-ring binder was in a military backpack, stolen from inside the car of Sgt. Daniel Tomes, while it was parked near Tanner Creek Park.

Sgt. Tomes is now an Army recruiter, but over the last 10 years he's served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Last year, he earned the Bronze Star for removing several bombs from a field in Afghanistan.

The book contained the paperwork for that medal and other commendations. It's known by soldiers as an about me book and documents a soldier's military history.

There's so many things, that book will actually help me reflect and tell my grand kids [my history], when I'm that old guy that's telling those stories, Tomes said. It's not the actual medals that are important. It's the certificate with your name on it and the narrative of how you earned it. You can just buy the medals.

Tomes had left the book in his car. He d planned to show the book to future soldiers Friday and didn t want to forget to take it with him.

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