PORTLAND Portland is among the most bike-friendly cities in the country, but a popular mural celebrating that culture will have to come down, or at least be downsized. But a new petition is calling the decision bureaucracy at its worst.

The bottom half of the huge mural at Southwest 2nd Avenue and Ash Street that reads, Welcome to America s Bicycle Capital, will be removed Friday, according to Pedal Bike Tours owner Todd Roll, who says the city will allow him to leave up his circular bike logo.

Roll says tourists love to photograph the sign and people will be disappointed when it s gone.

I can't walk out there without seeing a tourist taking a picture of it, they certainly like it and if you look online you'll see it all over, said Roll.

I don't think it's a marketing strategy for this one shop, I think it's a city-wide ideology and I don't think it's hurting anybody, said Portland visitor Carl Lanier.

According to the city s sign code, the mural is too large for the space in part because it is not replacing an existing older mural.

Roll plans to remove the bottom half of the mural next week.

On Thursday, a Portland resident started a petition to keep the iconic mural.

The mural is a beloved tourist attraction and declaration of Portland's famous bike culture, said petitioner Holly Rudolph.

Rudolph called the decision to remove the mural bureaucracy at its worst.

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