PORTLAND Some parents of students at a Northwest Portland elementary school are concerned about anti-abortion signs just across the street from school.

Anti-abortion protesters were carrying the signs during a rally Tuesday. The protesters were trying to get the attention of students at Westview High School, but Rock Creek Elementary school is also close by.

Parents of the elementary students said they felt the message was too difficult for young kids to comprehend.

Members of the group Abolish Human Abortion said they chose their location so high school kids could talk to them about abortion.

Nancy Baldwin was one of the parents complaining. She said her two young children attend Rock Creek Elementary and it s confusing for them to see the anti-abortion signs.

They should be tasteful about it, Baldwin said. Realize that what you're doing is going to everybody around you. Little kids see everything, they're little sponges, their brains are so absorbent to everything.

In reaction, protester Jennifer Cooper said, We are not targeting elementary students, we're out here reaching out to the high school students. I am also a mother of young children and I have to say I'm more concerned about the children in the womb and their life than the feelings of born children.

The anti-abortion group plans to visit all the high schools in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.


KGWreporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.

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