PORTLAND, Ore. It seems some have forgotten a city ordinance that bans bicycle riding on Portland's downtown sidewalks.

KGW found several cyclists using the sidewalks to bike and several pedestrians who didn t like it.

I think they re better off on the streets, said Michone Nettles. Sidewalks are for people who are walking and the streets are for vehicles like cars and bicycles.

The sidewalk exclusion zone for biking runs from Southwest and Northwest 13th Avenue to Naito Parkway, and Southwest Jefferson Street to Northwest Hoyt Street.

Some bicyclists said Tuesday if they feel unsafe on the street, they ll ride on the sidewalk despite the ban.

I ve been hit and run twice on the street, so you re safer on the sidewalk, said cyclist John Alexander.

Outside the downtown zone, it is legal to ride your bike on the sidewalk, but police said you cannot impede or endanger pedestrians in doing so.

Many of the same rules apply to those on skateboards.

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