ESTACADA, Ore. A Washington woman said she was attacked by a duck with abnormally dangerous propensities and is seeking $275,000 in damages, according to court documents obtained by

Cynthia Ruddell said she fell down while trying to escape from the dangerous duck, injuring her right wrist and rotator cuff, according to documents filed with Clackamas County civil court.

Ruddell was leaving her motor home parked on land in Estacada owned by her mother when a duck owned by Lolita Rose assailed her, documents said.

The filing, prepared by attorney Gregory Price of Vancouver, said Rose needlessly endangered the public when she failed to maintain control of her animal, failed to keep her duck on her own property and failed to warn neighbors of her duck s dangerous propensity to attack people.

Ruddell is seeking damages of $275,000 for medical expenses, pain, suffering, inconvenience, humiliation and interference with her normal activities that resulted from the accident.

Rose was responsible for Ruddell s injuries and should have known she had an abnormally dangerous duck, documents said.

Photo Credit: Globalgrasshopr via Compfightcc

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