PORTLAND - This is the first year that common incandescent light bulbs are no longer being made. They're still on store shelves, but only as long as supplies last. So what are the best and most affordable lighting options?

Experts say that when most people consider energy efficient lighting, they immediately think of bright, glaring lights. But that s really not the case anymore.

In fact, new LED lights can have warm color tones, too.

With the help of Energy Trust of Oregon, Jeanette Guntle and her husband recently swapped out all their traditional incandescent bulbs for higher tech LED lights, along with a few newer CFL lights.

CFL's are those swirly looking lights that have been around for a few years.

By swapping out the 74 light bulbs in their home, the Guntles will save more than $700 a year in energy costs. But will they be giving up on quality lighting?

Lizzie Rubado with Energy Trust showed them some new bulbs with warm color tones.

The cost of buying energy efficient bulbs has also come down. An LED bulb can be purchased for about $5 and they should last up to 25 years.

Rubado said that s a little investment that quickly pays itself off. Energy Trust of Oregon also offers cash incentives, discounts and deals.


KGW environmental reporter Keely Chalmers also contributed to this report.

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