JEFFERSON, Ore. -- A DUII suspect was arrested in Jefferson Saturday for crashing into a train, fleeing his burning car and seeking shelter nearby, police said.

Neighbors in the 2900 block of Wintel Road Southeast started reporting to police just after 5 a.m. that a man was knocking on their doors and asking for a place to sleep, said Marion County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Chris Baldridge.

After arriving, deputies noticed a plume of smoke in the distance that turned out to be a car fire, Baldridge said.

Investigators found that 24-year-old Kyle Randall blew through a stop sign and hit a train that dragged his car about 300 feet, Baldridge said.

Randall then escaped the wreckage and sought shelter.

He was arrested for DUII. His blood alcohol content was still more than twice the legal limit when he got to the jail, Baldridge said.

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