WEST LINN, Ore. -- A West Linn teenager is in a fight for his life against incurable brain cancer and he's making sure the time he has left is full of fun and adventure.

Jake Stoneking is only 19 but he already has a bucket list. He started making the list after he learned that his cancer had returned.

Over just the last few weeks, Stoneking has gone up Mount Hood in a snowcat, gone skydiving and made a trip to Dallas to watch an Ultimate Fighting championship match.

I think the people who were watching thought I was somebody, it was insane, he said, after getting star treatment during the big event. He even got to meet some of the fighters, including champion Johnny Hendricks.

Jake is set to start a new cancer treatment which could extend his life. And he said he s determined to have as much fun as possible in the time he has left.

This coming weekend, he has tickets to see a Blazers game with seats in owner Paul Allen's personal suite.

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