PORTLAND -- True to form, on the first day of spring, a light drizzle and a few showers. It's that kind of Northwest weather that was the inspiration for a creation this is now spreading across the country. It's called Hood To Go.

Susan Hammel got the idea after one to many times getting caught without rainwear when the skies open up. She took an old vest from a leather coat, and a hood from another coat. She pinned them together. It was her prototype.

The folks at Portland Garment Factory helped refine it. The hood can be used under any coat or jacket. It can be worn out of sight until it's needed, or worn as a fashion statement.

A mention on the Today Show last week put the Hood To Go on the map. When it rains it pours. Orders are coming in from all over the country.

I knew it could be a real business, said Susan Hammel. I knew there was a market for it. Everybody I showed it to thought it was a great idea. Not just in Portland, but everywhere.

Hammel is already thinking of adding different colors and designs, plus a version for men. The cost for the Hood To Go is $20.

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