PORTLAND After a weekend shooting, a neighborhood activist is calling on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to pull the liquor license of a Portland nightclub.

The New Copper Penny has been in the Lents neighborhood for decades. Sunday morning a man was injured when someone fired into a crowd of people outside the club. Now the business is under fire from neighbors.

Adam Simmons, who lives just blocks away, said Monday that there have been too many shootings outside the club -- two in the past two weeks -- and something has got to give.

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Simmons planned to file a letter with the OLCC Monday asking that it pulls the club s license for public safety reasons. In it he writes:

Since the owners are unable to protect their patrons and others of us who may be in the vicinity, I hereby request that OLCC take immediate emergency action and suspend their liquor license ...

Early Sunday morning police said a fight that spilled into the parking lot ended with one man being shot.

Two weeks before that, police were called to the business after someone fired at a line of people waiting to get inside the bar.

Two years ago, two men were shot and badly hurt in the New Copper Penny s parking lot.

It s constantly an attractor of violence in a neighborhood that really doesn t need any more things working against it, Simmons said.

The owners of New Copper Penny were unavailable for comment.

The OLCC simply said it was investigating the last shooting with the Portland Police Bureau.


Mark Hanrahan contributed to this story

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