SHERWOOD, Ore. A Sherwood man stabbed a vicious pit bull to death that was attacking his dog Tuesday morning, police said.

Around 7 a.m., Aaron Shields was leaving his home in the 15800 block of Southwest Baler Way when the loose dog attacked his dog. When Shields tried to help, the pit bull bit him, according to Sherwood police.

Shields ran back inside and grabbed a knife. He then came back out and stabbed the pit bull to get it to stop attacking.

Shields was taken to the hospital and his dog was taken to the vet.

The pit bull died at the scene.

Police said intervening when a dog attacks another animal is dangerous, and it is up to the individual on whether to use force.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, and what you have with you at the time, you have to make the best decision that you can given the facts that you are presented in the situation, said Capt. Mark Daniel with the Sherwood Police Dapartment.

Police tracked down Jeremy Scott, the pit bull s owner, and cited him for a dangerous dog code violation. He faces up to a $500 fine.

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