PORTLAND Investigators have found substantial evidence that a Portland taxi driver discriminated against a same-sex couple in July.

Broadway Cab driver Ahmed Egal was giving Kate Neal, her girlfriend and another friend a ride home when he saw Neal and her partner being affectionate.

Egal then allegedly started shouting slurs and made the three women get out of the car on Interstate 84.

Background: Cabbie accused of kicking out gay couple

The Bureau of Labor and Industries investigated the incident and found substantial evidence that Egal violated the civil rights of Neal and her girlfriend under Oregon law.

The substantial evidence determination finds the driver Ahmed Egal operated the taxi cab as an unincorporated sole proprietorship when he stopped service based on the couple s sexual orientation, said Charlie Burr, spokesman for BOLI.

The complaint will now move to BOLI s Administrative Prosecution Unit to determine whether a settlement can be reached.

Egal already had his permit revoked and Broadway cab was fined $1,000.

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