SALEM -- A red-tailed hawk injured when it flew into a van on Highway 22 was re-introduced to the wild on Friday.

The hawk was injured on Jan. 31 when is slammed into the side of a van traveling across the Marion Street Bridge in Salem.

Passers-by saw the accident and called the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center helpline while the bird still struggling on the road. Salem Police Department arrived at the scene first and blocked traffic enabling our volunteer from the wildlife center to capture the bird, according to Jessy Gill of Turtle Ridge.

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He's one of the toughest, feistiest red tails that we've gotten here, said Gill at the time.

On Friday, Gill and volunteers hiked up the Willamette River and release the Hawk where the bird was originally recovered.

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We imagine local residents will be able to spot her offspring late this summer when they begin to emerge from their nest somewhere in the area of the Willamette River near downtown Salem, Gill said.

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