CLEVELAND -- Someone looking for a job received a response from a Cleveland professional on LinkedIn that set off a social media firestorm over appropriate LinkedIn job-seeking etiquette.

The job-seeker sent a connection request via LinkedIn to a woman who runs a popular local job bank with over 7,300 subscribers.

The response she received was harsh, to put it mildly. It read in part: Your invite to connect is inappropriate...beneficial only to you and tacky. Wow I cannot wait to let every 26-year-old job seeker mine my top tier marketing connections to help them land a job.

The operator of the job bank went on to write: I love the sense of entitlement in your generation and therefore I enjoy denying your invite.

The response ends with this: You're welcome for your humility lesson for the year. Don't ever reach out to senior practitioners again and assume their carefully curated list of connections is available to you just because you want to build your network. Don't ever write me again.

Complete message (courtesy: Imgur):

It's a cautionary tale that there are consequences to every action on social media.

Following the social media attention generated when an image of the response was posted on, the job bank operator s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were deactivated. WKCY-TV in Cleveland reported that, as a result of the controversy generated, the job bank owner had reached out the job-seeker and apologized.

Stefanie Moore, Assistant Professor at Kent State recommends that job seekers customize LinkedIn connection requests: Don't send out mass connection requests, instead make it personal. She also recommends that employers and hiring professionals post their policy regarding accepting connection requests.

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