It's a bad image, all around, said Martin Monsivais.

It's a huge eye sore, said Mary Fendley.

I hope they clean it up soon. It can't be good for their business. I mean, it doesn't look good, said Rob Fox.

Monsivais works near it. Fendley and Fox live near it.

They're talking about a pile of trash in a parking lot near 198th and Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha.

It's a pile of wood, mattresses, old furniture and trash bags almost half the length of a football field.

When KGW got a complaint about the trash building up outside the America's Best Inns and Suites, we went to check it out.

When Unit 8 arrived, we found out the trash is getting on a lot of people's nerves.

People, like Martin Monsivais.

His office building shares the parking lot.

I'm tired of seeing that stuff. That started with a little pile but now as you can see it is taking over, he said.

It is a remodel project at the hotel but Monsivais said the pile is so large, you can see it from across the street. The parking lot is also shared with a Walgreens pharmacy.

As customers drive through the pharmacy window, the mound of trash is just feet from them.

I come to this Walgreens a lot and it's been here quite some time. It doesn't seem to be getting smaller. It seems to be getting bigger, said Rob Fox.

It's a bad image to everybody around here, added Monsivais.

Unit 8 went into the hotel, looking for answers.

The owner said off-camera that he hopes to have it all cleaned up next week.

He said other people have also been dumping their trash and pointed out that not all the trash is theirs.

Later, the hotel manager called KGW.

We want everyone to know that this is a temporary renovation. We're doing it so that as a whole it'll be a better business and we'll have better lodging for our guests, said Sara Kay, manager of America's Best Inns and Suites on TV Highway.

Kay said on Friday she will be calling to inquire about renting a container for the trash.

The trash has not been there that long, she added It's been there less than a month, she said.

That is not what KGW heard.

About a month, said Fendley.

Yeah, I would say a month or more. It's been a really long time, said Monsivais.

KGW called Washington County code enforcement and was told there have been no formal complaints about the trash.

County officials said because of our phone call, it will be sending a code enforcement officer to the site on Friday.

The code officer will make sure there's no health hazard and that all rules are being followed.

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