PORTLAND -- Bike commuters and golfers at the Rock Creek Country Club are having to change their plans thanks a very swollen Rock Creek.

Rain water and snowmelt have pushed the creek over its banks for the past several days.

Water is covering the Rock Creek Trail, foot bridge and tunnel off Rock Creek Boulevard near Malheur Avenue. Grass, trees and trails all around the area and in homeowners backyards are underwater.

Monday night, the water was so high, it covered parts of Rock Creek Boulevard and a portion of the street had to be closed to cars.

The back nine holes of the Rock Creek Country Club are flooded as well. Ducks are even swimming in the puddles created on hole 16.

It's something the course staff says happens at least once a year.

If that creek overflows, there's no place for that drainage to go, so we just have to wait until it recedes, said golf pro Chuck DaSilva.

He says his members are being kept on the front nine holes until the water goes down.

Water levels receded overnight, but Washington County officials are watching them today with another round of heavy rain and wind ahead.

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