SALEM -- A woman who regularly frequents a Salem bar was arrested at her home shortly after she allegedly stole $7,000 in cash from a bartender.

Lydia Andryushchenko, 27, is so familiar with the bar staff that she was allowed to stay inside the Silver Dollar Tavern after close of business early Wednesday morning, said Sgt. Chris Baldridge of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

While a bartender was closing out the cash registers at about 3 a.m., Andryushchenko grabbed a bag of cash and ran for the exit, but couldn't get out because the doors were locked, Baldridge said.

The bartender reportedly offered to unlock the door if Andryushchenko agreed to set the bag of cash down on the pool table and leave.

Then when the bartender was walking toward the doors, Baldridge said Andryushchenko went to the bar and grabbed three different bags of cash before running out.

The bartender called police and Andryushchenko was arrested at her home soon afterward. Baldridge said investigators found $7,000 in the home.

Andryushchenko faces charges of first-degree theft and third-degree robbery.

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