TILLAMOOK, Ore. -- High winds slammed the Oregon Coast Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

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Gusts up to 75 mph were reported near beaches and headlands. People in Cannon Beach said the rain was coming down sideways because of the wind.

I think it's wonderful. We drove for four hours to come and see this, said Diana Paulson, one of the few people who appeared to be enjoying the storm.

In Newport, trees fell on some cars and power lines were arching.

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In coastal communities, south winds reached gusts around 65 mph.

Aimee Walls was visiting Seaside from Hood River. She said it was amazing to feel and watch the power of the storm.

We heard pounding on the window and it looked like the window was about to fall out, she said. The screen came off it and then we saw the lightning and we were sitting in the beds, and we could feel the beds shaking.

This wind storm follows a winter blast earlier in the week that brought snow to many areas across Oregon and Washington, including some beaches.

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