Molalla, Ore. -- Doctors were forced to amputate a woman s hand Saturday after it was stuck under the hood of her truck for 18 hours last week.

Joan Zuber was working on her truck around 5 p.m. Wednesday when the hood came crashing down on her hand in rural Clackamas County 15 miles south of Molalla. She was trapped until 11 a.m. Thursday.

Zuber's daughter said her mom is already talking about her recovery, and it doesn't look like what happened will slow her down much.

She's doing good. They amputated earlier today but her spirits are amazing, Heather Zuber said. She's the best. I m very proud she's my mom.

Joan suffered through cold, wind and snow flurries overnight. She was not freed until some neighbors on horseback heard her faint screams for help.

Background: Ore. woman survives 18 hours with hand stuck under hood of truck

Thankfully my neighbors were out conditioning their horses and happened to hear her and found her, Heather said.

Heather didn't know any of this was going on. She was out of town and got a phone call in Florida.

Your heart drops. It's the worst feeling especially being thirty five hundred miles away, Heather said.

Now the focus is on helping her mom recover. Heather doesn't think it will slow her mom down.

I don't see it. She's already talking. They're saying it won't slow down her skiing, her horseback riding. She's talking about frick shoot climbing -- whatever that is, Heather said. It won't for long she's not that kind of person at all.

Heather said her mom has a message for friends.

That she's doing great and not that big of a deal. She said that it really wasn't that bad so doesn't surprise me. She's doing good and her spirits are really up, she said.

Heather thinks her mom will spend a few more days in the hospital.

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