PORTLAND Before heading to Russia for the Sochi Olympics, KGW anchor and reporter Stephanie Stricklen hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum on the website Reddit Tuesday. Besides talking about her plan for covering the Olympic Games, she answered questions about ethical dilemmas, working in the Rose City and her obsession with hoppy beers.

On Saturday, Steph will head for Sochi for the 22nd Winter Olympics. Redditors (Reddit commenters) asked if she was concerned about her safety.

Very, Steph wrote. I've been on huge conference calls with DOZENS of people talking logistics. Most they asked me not to share. One thing I can share is that I am required to check in every 2 hours by text message and every 4 hours by voice. And I cannot bring any personal mobile devices with me. You want to know a first world version of hell? 18 hours on a plane with no iPad.

As for her favorite Olympic events, Steph said she likes covering basketball and fencing the most, the latter especially because of Portland fencing champion Mariel Zagunis.

In addition to fielding Olympics questions, Steph talked about working as a reporter at KGW.

The universal worst thing any of us has to do ... is go to the door of a grieving family and ask them for an interview, she said.

She s also had some particularly memorable on-air experiences.

A dog once peed on me at Gabrielle Park and it flustered me so much I just walked off in the middle of my live shot.

But Steph said she loves her job, and loves working in the Rose City. Steph s had offers to move to bigger markets, but she said she loves the people, food, scenery and even weather in Portland and has no plans to leave.

One of the things that keeps her in Portland is its killer hoppy beers. Her favorite right now is Urban Hopworks IPA and Ninkasi Total domination.

Is 9:30 a.m. too early to start drinking? She wrote.

The answer is no, a redditor replied.

To read Steph s full AMA, click here.

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