PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland bicyclists will have a better way to travel between northeast and southeast parts of the city by the end of this summer. The 50 s Bike-way will begin construction in March.

The bike-way will run 4.3 miles, between NE Thompson and SE Woodstock roughly along 52nd and 53rd avenues, and will include a mixture of improvements, from lane markings to traffic controls at major intersections.

This is a major missing piece of our bicycle network and it s in a direction that s really important for creating connectivity across the bicycle network all across the city, said Rich Newlands, PBOT s Project Manager for The 50 s Bike-way. It s the north/south direction that s really missing right now.

The project was to happen last summer but the city found construction costs were too high. Now those costs have come down, and the work can go ahead.

Cyclists are pleased to see it go forward with improvements on Avenues they already use regularly.

I think that it's great because I regularly commute to Kaiser Sunnyside and it s hard to find a route. I have tried all kinds of routes and this one is really the best one I ve found, said Tim Nutley.

The 50 s Bike-way project will cost $1.4 million dollars and will be paid for with Federal Funds.

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